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CURRENT ISSUE January 2023

January is our annual Kidding Special Issue. This year’s articles include:

• Kiko producer tests spring kidding vs. fall kidding in Tennessee.

• Spanish nannies make kidding easy, say producers from across the country.

• Use performance data to decide which kids (and moms) to cull.

• Much of market demand revolves around ethnic holiday calendar.


Also in this issue, 2023 sale plans are announced for Splash of Color, Indiana Boer Goat Classic, American Spanish Goat Association and the Savanna Spectacular.

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• Keeping your working dogs healthy and on the job

• How dog vaccines work

• Getting puppies started on the right track

• Coyotes, wild hogs, other types of predators 

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• Keeping your pregnant does healthy.
• Birthing problems to watch for — and how to fix to them.
• How to successfully raise a bottle baby.
• Step-by-step information on how to deliver your kids   (with illustrations).
• List of supplies that you will need.
• And much, much more!

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Guardian Dogs For Goats-Autographed

Dr. An Peischel, world-renowned small ruminant specialist, has utilized guardian dogs for more than 30 years to protect her commercial and registered goats. In this book, Dr. An hones in on the particulars of selecting and using these guardian dogs. Order your signed copy soon — supplies are limited. Available in U.S. only.



A Compilation of the Wit and Wisdom of The Goat Man

Dr. Frank Pinkerton, PhD, is one of America’s best known writers and speakers on meat goat nutrition, marketing and management. His decades of work with this unique livestock have provided him with a wealth of knowledge that he now shares in this compilation. Readers will enjoy his detailed insights, honest analysis and humorous outlook on this fast-growing agricultural enterprise.


$7.50 shipping  


Raising Meat Goats in a Commercial Operation

By meat goat producer Greg Christiansen.

Greg called upon his twelve years of experience raising and marketing meat goats to create this book designed for commercial breeders who are interested in raising stock for the consumer market. Greg lets the reader profit from his experiences — good and bad— along the learning curve to becoming a successful producer. Paperback. 104 pages. U.S ONLY

$19.99 + $7.50 shipping  



The French Call It Chevon

The French Call It Chevon
60 Recipes Created for Goat Rancher Magazine

Cuisine columnist Suzanne Stemme has taken the best of her goat meat recipes and compiled them into a fun and easy-to-use cookbook. The spiral-bound design makes it easy to spread the book on your counter for easy access while preparing your favorite dish. Each recipe has an introductory article followed by easy-to-use instructions. 
$7.50 shipping. (Available in U.S. only)

Still Waters

By Dr. Cynthia Perkins, this book is a yearly devotional just over the six verses of the 23rd PSALM. It brings into your quiet time a peace and stillness that illuminates through this most famous Psalm. Another unique experience is that almost all of the devotionals end with an inspirational song. You can YouTube, sing, play or just read the lyrics to magnify the peace and wisdom coming from the words of the devotional.  $7.50 shipping. (Available in U.S. only)

BUD, A Parable of the Sovereignty of God

By Dr. Cynthia Perkins, this is a true story about a special needs person. At the age of five, Bud was lost in the Kiamichi mountains of Oklahoma. He was not found until the third day of the hunt. When they spotted him he ran and the men had to rope him to catch him. The trauma caused his mind to stay at this age all of his life. Bud lived his life raising goats and following the SHEPHERD. The story proves the power of God’s love and how he watches over “the least of these.”  Free shipping. (Available in U.S. only)


The Meat Goats of Caston Creek

 By Sylvia Tomlinson

Heart-warming stories and hard-earned advise gleaned from from the authors personal experiences raising meat goats at her Oklahoma home, Caston Creek Ranch. Out of print for several years, noted goat expert and former Goat Rancher columnist Sylvia Tomlinson has added new information, including a special section written by goat specialist Dr. Frank Pinkerton.

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January 2021

This issue includes:

• A three-page Spanish Goat Special that is chock full of goodies for everyone!

• 2021 looks like it's going to be a great year for the goat market.

• Experts offer advice on reducing wasted feed, extending forages plus tips for a successful kidding season.

• Carolina Noya details how her guardian dogs tackle predator problems on the range.

• The Showring Spotlight shines on Maddox Horner of Illinois.

• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory and more!

February 2021

This issue includes:


• Selling burgers and kabobs generates up to $42 a pound for home-raised goat meat.

• Eve Williams of Austin, Texas, enjoys her role as an ambassodor for myotonic goats.

• Preparations for kidding season can’t stop for cold weather, say these Northern Maine goat farmers.

• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory and more!

March 2021

The March issue is our Annual Homesteader Edition. Hear from these homesteaders:

• The Millers operate their skin care products business from their 1880s Wyoming homestead.

• Marilea & Jay Hussain work toward self-sufficiency in Tennessee. 

• Megan Throckmorton loves her North Carolina homesteader’s life and shares her experiences on social media.

• The Crise Crew in Maine is learning to tan their goat hides for their own use and for sale.


USDA goat survey: Inventory down, meat prices up.

according to annual USDA survey.


Showring Spotlight: Hard work and dedication pay off for Rodriguez Sisters.


• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory and more!

April 2021

• Okla. universities get $500,000 grant.
• Sale reports and photos from Splash of Color and Elite 8/March Madness.
• The Showring Spotlight shines on the top winners at Houston.
• Spanish goat roundup: Producers balance conservation and profitability.
• Myotionic breeder profiles on Freedom Fainters in Missouri and Diamond W Ranch in Florida.
• Plus our regular columns, classified ads, Breeders Directory and more.

May 2021

It’s our annual Kiko Special but it’s also our 25th anniversary issue! Editor Terry Hankins takes us back to the origins of the magazine in 1996.
In addition, we have these reports:
• Meat goat prices continue to surge, says Dr. Frank Pinkerton.
• Winning Tradition and the Cowboy Classic have successful spring sales.
• The benefit goat show for Kailee Jo Jones raises $6,500.
• Cuisine columnist Suzanne Stemme’s meat goat recipe book will be available in May.

June 2021

The June 2021 Goat Rancher is our annual Herdsire Edition. This is the special issue that we hand out at the ABGA Nationals. Articles include:

• The importance of structural correctness in your Boer herdsire.

• Spanish herdsires create great momma goats.

• Kikos bucks gain respect with an auction-topping $10,000 bid.


July 2021

Articles include:
• U.S. goat breeders are now able to register qualifying animals in the Boer, Savanna and Kalahari Red South African Stud Book.
• The Crise Crew, columnists for Goat Rancher, field test recipes then make them available on their website. Also, learn how to order Goat Rancher’s goat meat cookbook written by Cuisine columnist Suzanne Stemme.
• Trotters Pride Kikos of South Carolina partners with a high school ag program to use goats as a teaching aid.
• With rising commodity prices, producers may need to rethink their feeding programs, says nutritionist Gregory Meiss.
• Dr. Frank Pinkterton discusses government loan opportunities for producers wanting to launch or expand their goat operations.
• The Kiko goat business is booming with top-selling does bringing more than $5,000 in recent sales.

August 2021

Articles include:

• After cancelling the 2020 show, “Friends Reunited” was the theme of this year’s national gathering in Nebraska.

• Guest contributor Michael Whedbee calculates how to quickly recoup your meat goat investment.

• Columnist Gregory Meiss looks at the pros and cons of linebreeding.

• Goats may have been first domesticated 10,000 years ago in present day Iran.

• USDA provides help for farmers and ranchers before and after a storm.

• Prices for Kiko breeding stock remain high at Heartland sale in Kansas.

• Editor Terry Hankins looks back a decade ago at RM Ranch’s three generations of winners at the 2011 ABGA Nationals.

• Plus our regular features: Frank Pinkerton, Yvonne Zweede-Tucker, recipes, Calendar of Events, Breeders Directory and more!

September 2021

It’s our annual Spanish Goat Issue with a 16-page special section that includes ads and articles from 50+ Spanish goat breeders:

• An overview of the industry as breeders work to preserve Spanish goat genetics.

• Efficient Spanish goats are profitable goats, says columnist Yvonne Zweede-Tucker.

• Hardy and productive Spanish goats perfect for a starter herd, says South Carolina producer.


Plus our regular features, including Dr. Frank Pinkerton and Dr. Ken McMillin’s examination of strategies for increasing meat goat production in the U.S.


Producer Spotlight: Ren Slavens of Slavens Family Farm in Kansas offers a farmer’s daughter’s perspective on meat goat production.

October 2021

• Sale Reports: Labor Day Classic top seller brings $30,000 at 12th annual sale.

• Who’s buying and consuming all these high-priced market goats? Dr. Frank Pinkerton has answers.

• Vet student Jona Fletcher works with Haitian goat farmers during mission trip.

• Development is under way for the American Reds — a composite production breed.

• Plus all of our regular features.

November 2021

The November issue is our annual Savanna Goat Edition with a special articles and advertising section. Articles include:
• Agreement will allow U.S. goats into South African Stud Book.
• Feature on Jason & Darlia Dahl of Heartland Savannas in South Dakota.
• Koenie Kotze of South Africa helped develop the Savanna breed.
• The American Savanna Registry is now operating under the American Meat Goat Registry umbrella.
• Strategies for tackling this year’s high grain prices and poor hay quality.
• High demand and high prices at recent Spanish, Boer and Kiko sales.
• Buck performance test winners announced.

December 2021

The December issue is our annual Livestock Guardian and Predator edition. Read about:
• Smoke Ridge has gone 30 years with no predator losses.
• Egypt Creek Ranch’s first guardian dog experience more than 20 years ago.
• Using llamas as a guardian.
• A list of top predators for goats.
Also read about:
• The first Spanish Goat Roundup at Rocking Chair Ranch in San Angelo was a huge success.
• Dr. Frank Pinkerton offers tips for economical winter feeding.
• Winners Circle Sale’s top seller goes for $43,000 and the per lot average hits $6,000!

January 2022

This is our annual Kidding Edition. Get information on:
• Keeping your pregnant goats healthy and productive.
• Why colostrum is so important.
• How to fight scours in young kids.
• What you need in your emergency kidding kit.
• Tons of kid photos submitted by our readers!
Also: A special section dedicated to the Spanish Goat Breed Kensing Bloodline!
Plus all our regular features: Calendar of Events, Breeders Directory, Cuisine and more!

February 2022

This is our annual Fencing/Maintenance issue featuring:
• How you build a fence when the hills are steep and solid rock.
• How to utilize various types of fencing around the ranch.
• Tips on maintaining older fencing.
Also in the February Goat Rancher:
• Sea kelp has many advantages for goats, according to Dr. An Peischel.
• Feedlotting goats is working for this Kentucky rancher.
• Why some producers choose to cross Pure Spanish Goat bloodlines in their breeding programs.

March 2022

This is our annual Homesteader issue. Producers from Alabama, Missouri and Maine share how they use goats as part of their homestead lifestyle.
Other articles include:
• The USDA annual goat industry update. Despite high prices, the nation’s goat inventory continues to decline.
• Single-trait selection can result in unintended (and unwelcomed) con-sequences, says columnist Gregory Meiss.
• Boer goat producer profile on Miah Rahman of Indiana.
• This month the Spanish Goat Breed spotlight shines on the Weinheimer Bloodline.
• Step-by-step information on how to read a feed tag.

April 2022

This is our annual ‘Other’ Breeds issue. We always have lots of news about Boers and Kikos, but in this issue we also cover lesser-known breeds like Myotonics, Angoras, San Clemente Island and Spanish goats.
Also in the April Goat Rancher:
• Well-known Boer judge and sale narrator Rusty Lee provides a roundup of recent production sales.
• A special report on the Splash of Color and its record-breaking results.
• Nutritionist Gregory Meiss offers management strategies for combatting surging feed prices.
• Columnist Joshua Crise walks you through the steps for curing your own goat hides.

May 2022

This is our annual Kiko Special Edition with these articles:
• Kiko genetics are headed to Central America.
• Sarah Fish of Fish or Price Ranch in Arizona uses Kikos for meat, milk, fiber and more.
• An interview with Dr. An Peischel, the first importer of Kikos into the U.S.
• Georgia Kikos find a new home in Alaska — but getting them there was a challenge.
• Why are some Kikos polled? It’s in their genes.
Plus: Boer production sale results from:
• The Other Sale.
• Spring Cowboy Classic.

June 2022

This is our annual Special Herdsire Edition with these articles:

• Goat specialist Steve Hart offers strategies for battling Barberpole worm.

• Navajo-style grazing solved fence problems for this ranch.

• Nutritionist Gregory Meiss has advice for getting the most out of your feed dollars.

• Learn about the X Factor system of breeding goats.

• The high-seller brings $11,500 at Dots and Diamonds Boer goat sale.

• New program provides scholarships for youth to purchase show stock.

• Goat meat imports surge, domestic slaughter drops, says USDA.

July 2022

The July issue includes:
• Rusty Lee’s take on the ABGA National Show.
• A report on the first ABGA shows in Puerto Rico and Thailand.
• An in-depth look at the Syfan Spanish goat bloodline and its history.
• Tips for stretching your forages resources.
• 200 Kiko bucks consigned to the West Virginia University performance test.
• Myotonics: A feature on Bailey’s NonCents Farm in Maryland.
Plus: Kiko production sale results from:
• Mountain Premier Invitational.
• NKR Spotlight Sale

August 2022

The August issue includes:
• Cover Story: Dr. Sridhar Bhaskara’s dream farm becomes a reality in Indiana.
• Photos of the top winners at the 2022 ABGA National Show and a report on the first ABGA Carcass Evaluation class.
• Feature on homesteaders and niche marketers Mike & Jessie Brust.
• Drought Update: Market outlook and management strategies.
• An in-depth look at the Koy Spanish goat bloodline and its history.

September 2022

This is our annual Spanish Goat Edition:

• Donna Askew of Spanish Goats LLC looks at the past and future challenges of the gowing Spanish Goat Industry.

• Nick & Tyler Bear are first-generation ranchers working to preserve the Kensing Spanish Goat Bloodline.


• Founding members announce formation of the American Spanish Goat Association.



• Over-the-counter sales of antibiotics will end in June 2023, rules U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

• Cattlemen can increase profits by adding meat goats to their operations, says Dr. Frank Pinkerton.

• Sale reports from Midwest Producers Classic, Cowboy Classic and the Mid-America Spectacular Futurity Sale.

October 2022

• This is our annual Feed & Forage issue. Managing forage and finding economical ways to make it through the winter are the focus of this special edition.

• Pictorial guide to visually grading your meat goats.

• Cuisine: Crockpot cooking with goat meat.

• Sale reports from the Spanish Goat Gathering, Heritage Kiko Showcase, Platinum Alliance, GOATFEST, Labor Day Classic and the VA is for Boer Goat Lovers.

November 2022

The November Goat Rancher is our annual Savanna Goats Special Issue. Articles include:
• A profile on Victor Golden Valley Savanna Goats in Salem, Mo.
• Sale highlights from the Savanna Showstopper Sale.
• Using the Savanna X-Factor to achieve the South African Breed Standard phenotype.
• Sale reports from The Splash of Color and Midwest Madness Boer goat sales and the 15th Annual Cream of the Crop Kiko sale.

December 2022

The December Goat Rancher is our annual Predators & Livestock Guardians Special Issue. Articles include:
• Black vultures have increased their range over much of the United States. 
• Pups need to learn good manners and basic
obedience early.
• Dog, donkey or llama — find the right guardian for your situation.
• Sale report on the Circle of Winners Boer goat sale.

January 2020

Our Annual Kidding Issue with articles to help both new and veteran goat producers. Article include:

• Pregnant and nursing does need proper nutrition for their good health and their kids' health.

• Kidding in the brush lets goats be goats — and makes everyone healthier and happier, says Dr. An Peischel of Tennessee.

• Colorado's Sinclair Livestock is featured in the Showring Spotlight.

• Plus all our regular columnists and features. 


February 2020

This is our annual Fencing & Facilities Issue. Articles in this issue include:

• Pros and cons of various fence types.

• Bedding for your goats is important for many reasons.

• Visit a Florida goat herd that enjoys palm trees for yearround shelter.

• When preserving hardy genetics, sometimes no shelter is the best shelter.

• The Showring Spotlight shines on Hayden Schroeder of Zephyr, Texas.

• Dr. Frank Pinkerton looks at the correlation between slaughter goat weights and price per pound. 

March 2020


• Deciding which goat breed is right for your homestead. 

•  Calculate how many acres you need for a homestead.

SPANISH GOATS: Spanish Goat Association and Spanish Goat Conservation Society identify and preserve bloodlines.

SHOWRING SPOTLIGHT: The Bean family expands outside Oklahoma and finds success on the national level. 

Plus all our regular features! 

April 2020

• Part 2 of our Spanish goat series looks at the adaptability of this unique breed that can be found from West Texas to the Deep South.

• Making new friends is one of the best parts of the show goat business, say the Orsaks of Sterling City, Texas.

• Wet weather means it’s hoof-rot season, says columnist Gregory Meiss.

• Ethnic buyers are beginning to lean more toward larger carcass weights, says 
Dr. Frank Pinkerton.

• Matt and Dianna Kesler and family run a successful meat goat operation in central Utah’s Pahvant Valley.


May 2020

This is our annual Kiko Edition:

• Vanessa Eggert of Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch in Virginia has been impressed with the Kikos’ motherability.

• Dr. An Peischel of Goats Unlimited in Tennessee brought the first Kikos into the U.S. in 1991.

• Kathy & Josh Crise say their Kikos have thrived in Maine’s harsh winter weather.

• D and J Goat Farms of North Carolina, known for its quality Boer goats, has discovered the benefits of Kikos.

• Plus a listing of more than 700 National Kiko Registry breeders.

SHOWRING SPOTLIGHT — Features Weems Family Show Goats of New Mexico.

FRANKLY SPEAKING — Dr. Frank explains how to successfully produces 3 kid crops in 2 years.

SALE REPORT — Due to Covid 19 concerns, The Other Sale goes online and reports success with the top seller bringing $15,000.

June 2020

This is our annual Herdsire Edition. Read about:

• North Carolina rancher finds success using myotinic bucks.
• Maintain your buck’s ideal weight during breeding season with proper nutrition.
• A young Spanish buck successfully breeds 185 out of his 200 does.
• Genetics expert explains the difference between breeding correlations and coincidence.

• Thirteen-year-old Brook Locascio is featured in the Showring Spotlight.
• Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and University of Nebraska-Lincoln are coordinating a multi-pronged project to study the benefits of multi-species grazing, pasture management and performance.
• Monthly Calendar of Events and the most extensive Breeders Directory anywhere!

July 2020

July is our annual CUISINE issue. Here’s what you’ll read:


• In celebration of Independence Day, cuisine columnist Suzanne Stemme tries a recipe handed down by Martha Washington.

• Goat meat is an adaptable and healthy alternative to beef and pork, says columnist Joshua Crise.

• After years of providing offspring, her does’ final job is providing meat for the freezer, says goat rancher Yvonne Zweede-Tucker.

August 2020

Goat Rancher announces it has a new owner — founder Terry Hankins’ daughter Lindley. Read all about it!


Also, this is our annual Niche Marketing issue. Chris Holland of Covenant Creek goat milk products in Mississippi explains how she is meeting the challenges of marketing in the age of Covid-19.


Body Condition Scoring is an important tool in maintaining good herd health, says Dr. An Peischel.

October 2020

This issue includes:
• Details on San Angelo sheep and goat slaughter facility reopening after 15 years.
• How to fight parasite resistance in your herd.
• Weaning strategies to help avoid mastitis.
• Increase reproductive efficiency to increase profits.
• Labor Day Classic sale report — high seller brings $20,000.
• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory, Frank Pinkerton and more!

November 2020

In addition to our Special Savanna coverage, this issue includes articles on:
• Feed efficiency: How important is it?
• What you need to know about on-farm slaughter and inspection.
• Commentary: The Future of the Spanish Goat.
• Dr. An Peischel's tips as kidding season approaches.
• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory, Frank Pinkerton and more!

December 2020

This is our annual Guardian and Predator issue. Articles include:
• Update on LGD bonding research from Texas A&M.
• Using llamas with guardian dogs to deter predators.
• The gray wolf has been removed from the Endangered Species Act list.
Also in this issue:
• Breeder profile on Jamcin Ranch Myotonics in Missouri.
• Reducing cold-weather stress in your goat herd.
• Boer and Kiko sale reports.
• Tips on keeping the water flowing in frigid weather.
• Plus our regular features: Cuisine, Classified ads, Breeders Directory and more!


MARCH 2019

April 2019

• Boer goat producer and livestock nutritioinist Gregory Meiss launches his new column.

• Southern Blitz kicks off sale season with $9,000 high-seller.

• It's important to have a good working relationship with a veterinarian. 

• Learn how to access funds from the Farm Service Agency.

• freshen-up old pastures with over-seeding.

• Renewed focus on Purebred Kikos. 

MAY 2019

It’s our annual Kiko issue with feature stories on Tim and Tracy Plaster’s successful meat goat operation in Oklahoma, Christian Cook’s effort to preserve rare Kiko genetics in North Carolina — including the trait for blue-eyed Kikos. Plus the report from the Elite Genetics Kiko Sale, where a pair of very special 2-month-old doelings sold for $7,000. 

• Dr. Frank Pinkerton shares an example of a budget plan for a meat goat operation.
• Boer goat sale reports from the Cowboy Classic, Winning Tradition, Keystone Goat Producers, Splash of Color and the Georgia Peach sale.
• Information from USDA on how to request aid for flood-damaged farms and ranches.
• Showring Spotlight--Tyler Branch of Mississippi.

June 2019

Our annual Herdsire Issue is packed full of articles regarding buck management.

July 2019

This issiue features:

• Coverage and photos from the 2019 ABGA National Show.

• Coccidiosis — the nemesis of newly weaned kids. Prevention is the best medicine.

• Calculating your feed costs. Cheapest isn't always the best when you look at the results.

• Update on the new buck performance test to begin in 2020 at Alcorn State university in Mississippi.


August 2019

• Our annual niche marketing issue. Do yoiu need a private label to sell your goat meat? Learn the do's and don'ts of organic production.

• The Spanish goat is a diverse breed from a diverse set of breeders. Learn the differences.

• Dr. Frank Pinkerton offers advice on determining your break-even point on meat goat production.

• Nutritionist Greg Meiss says this year's crazy weather will impact feed prices, quality and availability.

• This month's Showring Spotlight shines on Lorelai Row. 


September 2019

This is our annual YOUTH EDITION. Read our Cover Story about Emma Rethans of California and how she worked her way to the winner's circle. Also, a special commentary on why it's OK to be sad when you have to sell your market goat. Plus, even if your kids don't show goats, there are plenty of ways to keep them involved on the farm.

Read these, plus: Ken McMillin reviews his graduate students' work with Savanna-cross kids in various management scenarios; Columnist Greg Meiss explains how to read a feed tag and how to use the information to make better buying decisions.


October 2019

It’s our annual Feed & Forage issue with tips and advice from our experts on how to better manage your pastures and your feeding programs. Articles include:

• Poor quality forage will mean higher costs for protein this winter.

• Producers must watch for poisonous plants in their pastures, says columnist Greg Meiss.

• Test hay before making feed-purchasing decisions, says new ‘Let’s Ruminate’ columnist Josh Crise.

Plus all our regular features, including the meat goat industry’s largest Breeders Directory and the most complete Calendar of Events.

November 2019

Our annual "All Breeds" issue with special sections on Spanish Goats, Savannas, Kikos and Myotonics.

December 2019

This is our annual Livestock Guardian and  Predator issue. Featured this year is the Akbash dog from Turkey.


There's also articles on predator fencing, socializing and the life of the range dog.


See all this plus our regular columns on nutrition, management, cuisine and more.

July 1996

• Cooking, instructions for dressing goat.
• Getting buck ready for breeding season.

October 1996

• Willingham Spanish goats.
• Building winter shelters.

March 1997

• Visiting Kiko research station in Texas.
• Roundup of various goat breeds.

May 1997

Profile of Bill & Mary Powis' ABC Green Mountain Farm in Alachua, Fla.

June 1997

Cooking issue: Recipes and feature on cooking fullblood  Boers.

July 1997

• Coverage of ABGA National Show.
• Interpreting Boer pedigree.
• Gauging reproductive performance of a meat goat herd.
• How to do your own fecal samples.

August 1997

• Visiting Goldthwaite goat auction.
• Summer health problems: Parasites, Pneumonia and Pasturella.
• Interview with Norman Kohls of N&K Ranches in Eldorado, Texas.

September 1997

• Raising goats in Indiana.
• Nutritional needs of goats.
• Feeding protein blocks in winter.

October 1997

• Using pasture management to control parasites.
• Things to think about before building goat barn.
• Crossing Boers with Angoras.

November 1997

• Running goats with cattle.
• Worming your goats in winter.
• Nutrient requirements of goats in winter.

March 1998

• Raising goats in South Florida.
• S. African Boer breeder tells how he raises goat.
• How old should does be before breeding?
• Fighting pneumonia in new kids.
• Finding the right grass mixture for goats.

April 1998

• Raising goats profitably in the Southeast .
• Build a stair-stepper to exercise your show goat.

June 1998

Boers in the Northwest: Reports from Washington and California.

July 1998

How to make weaning less traumatic

October 1998

• Producing the Genemaster from crossing Boers and Kikos.
•  Australian Boers grow in popularity.
• Tips for picking a herd sire.
• How to detect and prevent Johne's Disease.
• Eartag system helps keep track of animals.

November 1998

• Diatomaceous Earth shows promise in controlling internal and external parasites.
• Setting up a Genemaster operation.

February 1999

• South African Boer standards listed.
• The importance of colostrum.
•  Why vitamins & minerals are vital to goats.

March 1999

• Kikos adapt well in Pennsylvania.
• How to use a drench gun on goats.

June 1999

• Prices high at first Kiko production sale.
• How New Zealand goat ranchers cope with parasites.
• Okla. rancher uses goats to clear 15,000 acres.
• CL presents challenge for meat producers.

July 1999

• The dangers of feeding molded grain.
• Crossing Pygmy with Nubians makes new meat goat.
• Tips for selecting right herd sire.
• Facts and fallacies about electric fences.

August 1999

• Buy used equipment to conduct your own fecal tests.
• Breeding for parasite resistance.
• Research looks at effects of age and gender on growth performance.

October 1999

• Goat meat production fundamentals, NZ expert Graham Culliford.
• Roundup of Boer production sales
• Winter-Spring grazing critical time for goats
• Selecting for maternal instincts
• How to give injections
• EPD's used to compare genetic performance

November 1999

• Controlling lice on goats.
•  Abortion diseases in goats.
•  Simple to make, simple to use hay racks and feeders.

December 1999

• Training guard dogs (Peischel)
• Coyotes go nationwide/Steps to control coyotes
• Goat polio & listeriosis have similar symptoms

January 2000

• Kidding Season special section

February 2000

• Evaluation of Slaughter goat selection and goat meat classification system (Pinkerton/McMillan)
• Where do red Boers come from? (Hauck)

June 2000

• Raising meat goats in California (Barrie)
• Coccidiosis usually guilty when kid scours (Morris)
• Katahdins prove sheep can thrive on grasslands (Elliot)

July 2000

• ABGA  & IBGA National Shows
• Understanding goat’s rumen (Gasparotto)
• First national Dorper show held in Missouri (Hankins)

August 2000

• Researchers study the acceptability of goat meat with consumers
• The role of copper  in goat health
• The effect of heat on your goats & how to provide relief

October 2000

• Slaughter goat market
• Importance of tetanus vaccinations
• Labor Day sales report

November 2000

• Hoof rot and hoof scald explained
• Innovative feeder ideas from Oklahoma breeder
• Hair Sheep Breeds: The Big Picture

February 2001

• Commercial Seed Stock - Producing Goats for the Real World
•  Treating diarrhea in goats

March 2001

• Herding goats
• Tall Fescue toxicity

May 2001

• Special Kiko section
• Identifying good Boers - Kids, traits to assess future development (First in a series by columnist Cathie Keblinger)

June 2001

• Summer Place Legacy Continues - a profile on the new owners
• South African vs. New Zealand genetics - Does it matter?
• Identifying good Boers - Weaning age: Who to cull, Who to Keep (Second in a series by columnist Cathie Keblinger)

July 2001

• Using a Herd Dog with goats.
• Making the best of pinkeye.
•Identifying good Boers - Mature Boers: Head &
  Neck areas (3rd in series by Cathie Keblinger)

August 2001

• Update on the federal Scrapies program
• Getting your bucks ready for breeding season
• Soremouth
• Identifying good Boers - Mature Boer goats:
  Shoulders & Body Structure (4th in a series by Cathie Keblinger)

September 2001

• Website production sale: How it works
• Why keep production records? (1st of two parts)
• Knots on goats - What are they, what to do

October 2001

• Texas Fall Production Sale Roundup
• Poisonous Plant Identification
• Selective Breeding key to genetic improvement

November 2001

• USDA institutional purchase specs
• Ethnic Holiday Calendar

March 2002

• Medications & how to use them
• Pregnancy toxemia

April 2002

• Raising Red Boers in Georgia
• Understanding the meat goat market
• Carcass characteristics

May 2002

• It helps to know your market
• Goat bloat
•Special Kiko section

July 2002

• Controlling CL with Formulin
• Growing demand for goat meat
• A perspective on New Zealand influence on US Boer industry

August 2002

• Kentucky offers state support to goat farmers
• Direct marketing your goats (based on the laws of California)
• The importance of trace minerals

September 2002

• Are your goats getting enough protein
• Figuring your break-even price
• Stomach-tubing

October 2002

• How much supplementation to give your goats
• Special Report: Myotonic Goats
• 2002 Labor Day Production Sale Roundup

November 2002

• Producers should focus on rate of growth
• Learn about goats before trying to raise them!
• Goats are pickier eaters than most folks imagine
• Dorpers offer a unique education

December 2002

• Predator & guard dog special feature
• Feeding peanut hay
• Treating wounds & injuries

January 2003

• Special Kidding Section
• Investigating your market
• Hair sheep growing in popularity

April 2003

• Why understanding Scrapie is important to goat producers
• Goat meat imports  increase (first in series)
• Bottle babies can grow into productive citizens
• Having “practice” goats makes perfect sense
• Watch for dehydration in sick or injured goats

May 2003

• Special Feature Section: Kiko Goats
• EGGSfile clones born
• Goat meat imports: Marketing channels and pricing patterns (second in series)
• Coccidiosis can be controlled with proper management

June 2003

• Prolapse doesn’t have to cause permanent damage to goat
• What is the difference between goat polio and Listeriosis?
• Editorial: Standardizing show formats

July 2003

• Pregnancy complications
• How do kids perform before performance test?
• Make sure your pen system has a workable floor plan

August 2003

• Special Section: Buck maintenance
• Goat production and marketing in Australia & NZ
• Help your new goat make the move

September 2003

• Special report from South Africa: Why do goats prefer browse over grasses
• Body condition scoring as a management tool
• How do you identify a true Myotonic goat?

October 2003

• Make money by raising ugly goats on ugly pasture
• Rains affect hay quality
• Foot & mouth disease
• Dorper breeding program options

November 2003

• Dewormer resistance studied in Georgia
• Goat offer many money-making options
• Mites cause problems
• CODI/PCI — Who is this guy?
• Good bucks are investment, not an expense

December 2003

• Special: Predators & guard dogs
• Meat goat marketing
• Lungworms irritate bronchial tissues

January 2004

• Annual Kidding Special
• Reproducing disease-free goats worth the effort
• Feeding & hydrating a sick goat

February 2004

• Tips & equipment to make goat raising easier
• Stomach worms
• Future bright for Dorpers/White Dorpers

March 2004

• Shelters & Storage import part of goat operation
• Coccidiosis outbreaks demands immediate action
• Texas goat numbers remain stable

April 2004

• Profile of U.S. Goat Industry
• Who needs to be culled?
• Why do Nannies reject some newborn kids?

May 2004

• Larger slaughter kids bringing top dollar
• Pneumonia can strike in nice weather
• Special Kiko section

June 2004

• Parasite Control: A new way of thinking
• Diseases: Prevention, control & management
• Disposing of goat carcasses
• Providing free-choice minerals to your goat herd

July 2004

• So you think you want to raise goats?
• Urinary Calculi can result from improper diet

August 2004

• Preserve your best genetics before it is too late
• Successful A.I
• When hauling, think like a goat!

September 2004

• 20 Truths about raising goats
• Real world brush control: What works?
• Parasite resistance tested in Hair sheep

October 2004

• Vitamins, minerals play key role in good health
• Use of antibiotics isn’t always the wisest choice

November 2004

• Use chemical dewormers wisely
• Foraged-based feeding for goats
• Wet weather promotes infections in hoofs

December 2004

• Livestock Guardian Dogs special issue
• Pneumonia can strike in nice weather

January 2005

• Kidding Special Section
• Double Eagle Ranch: You can have color & quality
• Where did the term ennobled come from

February 2005

• Hay can be ideal goat feed
• Tips for culling a meat goat herd
• Book from South Africa illustrates the perfect Boer

March 2005

• Goat statistics reveal changing market
• Weaning: An important phase for kids
• Myths about non-protein nitrogen
• Mating decisions: Why how, where, who, when?
• Don Smith — Livestock has been his life

April 2005

• Battling mange mites
• How to read goat market reports
• Poor nutrition cause of reproductive problems

May 2005

• Kiko Special Section
• Formalin use
• New Australian genetics arrive at Triple C Ranch

June 2005

• Staph can be problem in wet areas
• Goat herd makes living for Montana couple
• Nutrient management for meat goats in mixed-specie pasture

August 2005

• Crossbreds — are they right for you
• Nutrient value of wheat grain by-products
• 2005 International BGA National Show
• Are your healthy goats dying? Pasturella vaccinations.
• Butcher finds success catering to ethnic clientele
• Tex-Mex goat recipes

October 2005

• Feeding soybean hay
• Goat meat industry has challenges, opportunities
• Pasture rotation cuts down on deworming
• Meat goat slaughter process
• If disaster strikes, are you ready?

November 2005

• Cut costs by feeding what’s handy
• Goat nutrition: What are the best energy sources?
• Sheds and feeders
• T4 Dispersal sale

December 2005

• Special: Predators & Guard dogs
• Maximize forage & minimize bag feed
• B Vitamins & their importance to goat health

January 2006

• Special: Kidding Season
• Feeding & management of weaned slaughter goats
• In rare cases, feedlotting works
• Dorpers developed for meat production

February 2006

• Hardy commercial does
• Clostridium — How we handle this goat killer
• Health problems of pregnant & lactating does

March 2006

• Are your bucks ready for breeding season
• Grazing lespedeza
• What are reasonable expectations for a start-up goat herd?
• Caring for weak & abandoned newborn goats

April 2006

• Meat goat industry update
• Long fiber critical to good nutrition
• Find the formula that works for you — Why are you raising goats?
• Frequently asked Katahdin questions

May 2006

• Annual Kiko Special Section
• Domestic vs imported goat meat

June 2006

• Figuring your break-even price
• Wether Report: Club goat business is booming (1st in series)
• Drought causes grazing problems
• Watching for health problems in young kids
• Meat goat production economics

July 2006

• Problems recovering from underfeeding
• Wether Report: Today’s show wethers have a different look (2 of 3)
• Meat goat selection, carcass evaluation & fabrication guide
• Bloat can be serious problem
• Transportation stress affect profitability
• Pursing the perfect goat: parasite resistant genetics

August 2006

• Copper — How much do meat goats need?
• Wether Report: Marketing those fancy club goats (3rd in series)
• Variations in slaughter goat auction prices

September 2006

• Imported goat meat: Competitive threat or beneficial supplement?
• How to store goat milk & colostrum for emergency use

October 2006

• Dealing with drought
• Unpigmented areas susceptible to cancer lesions
• Goats can safely eat properly processed haylage

November 2006

• Urea used as economical protein source
• New regulations affect farms that sell & ship hay
• How do you know when to give up and put down a sick goat?
• Good fencing a top priority when raising goats
• Goat vaccination questions answered

December 2006

• Which type of guardian is best for you?
• Goats making do on Corn Gluton and weedy hay
• Feisty fungus eats parasites
• Tips for running sheep and goats together

January 2007

• Nutrition of the kid:  birth to breeding
• Make weaning as stress-free as possible
• Ringwomb rare but  causes problems
• Law limits time livestock can be trucked
• Pinkerton Q&A  to expensive feed options
• Sheep Scrapie may persist in environment for up to 16 yrs

February 2007

• Replacement buck selection & line-breeding
• Beginners birthing basics
• How many goats per acre?
• Tips to remember before you next goat-buying trip
• Fundamental principles of successful goat meat production

March 2007

• Evaluation of distillers dried grains with solubles, soybean hulls & whole corn in diets for growing/finishing meat goats
• Target marketing of slaughter goats
• Bucks require special housing/management
• Holidays where lamb or goat meat is part of the feast

April 2007

• Pinkeye can be a big problem in goat herd
• How to avoid drug residues in food producing animals
• Picky eaters aren¹t getting enough protein
• Rocking R Dispersal Sale

May 2007

• Calculating dressing percentage can be tricky
• Forage is best goat feed
• Strategic parasite control in goats
• Building a cooling room to chill slaughter goats
• On farm evaluation of meat goats
• Goats ideal for land reclamation projects
• Environmental factors can affect nutrient requirements for goats
• Kiko Special Section

June 2007

• Little time-savers make big difference
• Frequently ask questions about soremouth
• Ethanol, politics & forage based meat goat production
• Developing the show circuit
• Hydration & nutrition are basic needs when treating a sick goat
• Buyers prefer fresh meat when available
• Dorper sheep a natural fit for West Texas operation

July 2007

• Working System Makes Life Easier
• Reflections On Breeds Of Meat Goats
• Performance Comes From Maintaining Records & Testing
• Prevent Problems When Hauling Goats
• CL Unlikely To Be Eradicated Soon

August 2007

• What Boer Breed Standards Tell Us
• Only Proper Testing Can Diagnose CL
• Round Bales Versus Square Bales Of Hay
• Crossbreeding: Theory And Practice
• Constructing And Using A Stomach Tube For Adult Goat

September 2007

• Winter Forages For Meat Goats In The Southeast
• No Grain needed With Free-Choice Good Hay
• Goat Polio or Listeriosis?
• It¹s Time For Slaughter Marketing Decisions
• Goats Make Dent In West¹s Invasive Weeds
• Agriculture Needs More Young People

October 2007

• Fall Production Sale Roundup
• Surviving Drought: Stretching your feed supply; By-product feedstuffs can supplement low-quality forages; Forage management; Culling strategies
• What is off-label/extra-label drug use?
• Starting the next batch of kids

November 2007

• Making sense of weather and markets
• Producing & marketing show goats/ wethers
• Keep goats healthy on the show circuit
• Using FAMACHA system as management tool
• Raising a better meat goat
• Budget offers financial outline for goat operation

December 2007

• On-farm slaughter facilities provide opportunities
• Predator & Guardian Special Section
    Protected wolves - unprotected livestock
    Guardian dogs provide best protection
• Oklahoma forage test results

January 2008

• Annual Kidding Special:
    Is Creep Feeding an economic option
    Kidding time is critical to success
    Saving a kid from severe hypothermia
    Gauging Genetic Improvement/Crossbreeding for Hybrid Vigor
• Improper diet can lead to Urinary Calculi

February 2008

• Forage-based Goat Production Special Section: Building a Pasture from Scratch; Grazing Clover Successfully;  Things you should know about Sericea Lespedeza
• Idea Worth Borrowing: Protecting your Molasses Tubs
• New Australian Boer Genetics

March 2008

• Order Buyers are the Real Meat Judges
• Parasite Control for Goats: Meet the Enemy, part 1 of series
• Producing Goats in the Ozarks
• Reproductive Performance Key to Making Profit
• Goat Medications and How to Use Them

April 2008

• Goat Industry Update '08: Statistics & Trends
• Getting a Goat Ennobled takes dedication
• Research Performance History Before Buying
• Parasite Control for Goats: Barberpole Worm, part 2 of series
• Estrus Synchronization: Using Artificial Lighting
• Supplies Every Goat Rancher Needs on Hand

May 2008

• Kiko Special Section: Why we Raise Kikos
    • Profile: Hancock Kiko Farm
    • Can Kikos Dominate the Meat Goat Industry
• Parasite Control for Goats: Integrated Parasite Management, part 3 of series
• Low-tensile Electric Fencing
• Flushing as a Herds Management Practice

June 2008

• Profile: Troy Powell, League Ranch
• Getting Ready for the Big Show
• Direct Marketing of Slaughter Goats from Producer to Packer
• Is Artificial Insemination on your Horizon?
• Parasite Control for Goats: Deworm Just the Goats that Need It, part 4 of series
• Goat Meat: Who Eats it and How to Cook It

July 2008

• 2008 ABGA Nationals
• Ethanol from Corn: Boon or Boondoggle?
• Pumpkins: Nutritious & Goats Love them
• Parasite Control for Goats: Alternative Dewormers: Do They Work?, part 5-5
• Positive Side of Creep Feeding
• Cooking Cabrito —  South Texas Delicacy

August 2008

• Spanish Goats: The Treasure in Our Own Backyard (Sponenberg/Edmundson)
• Reasons for Breed Characteristics (Keblinger)
• Variation in prices received for Slaughter Meat Goats (Pinkerton/McMillin)
• Direct Marketing Ideal for Small Producers (Miller)
• Handling a Sick Animal at the Show (Lee)
• Fly Control for Goats isn’t the same as for Cattle (Sparks)
• Doing your own research & Fecal Egg Counts, last in 6-part series (Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control)

September 2008

• Getting a Start in Goat Showmanship (Schlundt)
• Profile: Able Acres Boer Goats (Lee)
• Tips for tapping into Ethnic Markets (Miller)
• Rotational Grazing — On a Budget (Hall)
• Why I Support COOL (Shurley)
• Get Goats Ready for Breeding Season (Sparks)

October 2008

•  Is Forage-Only Program Right for You? (Pinkerton)
• Our Does are expected to kid at 1-Yr-Old (Zweede-Tucker)
• The Pros, Cons & Legalities of Offering On-Farm Slaughter (Miller)
• Doe Maintenance Cost & Reproductively Performance Key to Profitability (Pinkerton)

November 2008

• Spanish Goat is a Rare Breed Worth Preserving (Zweede-Tucker)
• Reducing Doe Maintenance Cost (Payne, with Pinkerton)
• Finding the Right Meat Processor (Miller)

December 2008

• Special Predators & Guardians Section: Battle Against Predators is Never-Ending (Keblinger);  Bonds Must be Established Early;  Using Donkeys to Guard
• Copper Can Create Toxicity In Goats (Sparks)
• The Significance of Being Spanish (Sponenberg/Edmundson)

January 2009

• Special Kidding Section: Weaning Options (Crawford); Kidding Basics — Make Preparations to Avoid Last-Minute Problems (Mitcham); Buck is Key to Kidding Efficiency (Zweede-Tucker)
• Makin’ Do — Round Hay Bale Feeders
• Goat Nutrition & Common Sense (Sparks)
• EPDs Important to the Kiko Breeder

February 2009

• Feedlots for Meat Goats – Opportunities, constraints & economics 
• How to Tube feed a weak kid (Sparks)
• Makin’ Do — Hay Bale Feeders (continued from January 2009 issue)
• Closing the Junction (Texas) Sale Barn (Keblinger)

March 2009

• Cyber Sales: The New Frontier (Miller)
• Selecting your '09 Market Goat (Schlundt)
• 2009 Goat Industry Update – Statistics, trends, commentary (Pinkerton/McMillian)
• Knowin’ when to hold’em & knowin’ when to sell! (Zweede-Tucker)
• Enterotoxemia — know the enemy (Sparks)

April 2009

• Minimizing neonatal kid losses (Sparks)
• Changing markets call for a new way of thinking (Miller)
• Use TLC to cultivate ethnic customers ((Zweede-Tucker)
• Feasibility of adding ‘carcass component’ to 4-H show (Pinkerton)

May 2009

• Annual Kiko Special Section
• Goat industry mourns loss of Marvin Shurley
• What is the real story behind the battle over national ID system? (Miller)
• 2009 Goat Industry Update, Part 2 – Goat meat: Where it comes from and where it’s going (Pinkerton/McMillian)
• Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL): Separating fact from fiction (Sparks)
• Wether Report — Curtain drops on another major show season (Henry)

June 2009

• Show season! So – do you stay at home or hit the road? (Keblinger)
• Carcass evaluation results analyzed (Pinkerton/McMillan)
• What you can do to prevent soremouth (Sparks)
• Summer parasite management (Hart, part 1 of 2))
• Where is the market goat industry headed (Schlundt)

July 2009

• What are you going to do about worms this summer? (Hart, part 1 of 2))
• Spanish goats: past, present and future (Pinkerton)
• Urinary calculi – the bane of bucks (Sparks)
• The Wether Report – Texas wether forecast is HOT! (Henry)

August 2009

• United effort created SA Boer goat (Keblinger)
• Prepare now to ensure more kids next spring (Sparks)
• Goat ranching meets today’s ‘green’ criteria (Miller)
• TAMU’s early studies on Spanish meat goats (Pinkerton)
• On-farm performance testing (Pinkerton/Browning)
• We let Mom wean the doelings (Zweede-Tucker)

September 2009

• A  Study of South African Breed Standards (Keblinger)
• Minimizing abortion problems (Sparks)
• Goat producers can lead ‘local’ movement (Miller)
• Utilizing on-farm performance data (Pinkerton/Andries)

October 2009

• They’re only as good as their feet (Sparks)
• Seven steps to goat-friendly forage
• Exercising your market goat (Schlundt)
• Boer-Spanish crossbreds: Performance evaluation & carcass characteristics - third in a series (Pinkerton)
• Roasting the whole

November 2009

• A  Study of South African Breed Standards – Part 2 (Keblinger)
• Weights, measures and doses. What every stockman should know. (Sparks)
• Second thoughts on Spanish goats & other endangered breeds (4th and final in series/Pinkerton)

December 2009

• Special Predators & Guardians Section
Exploring the Anatolian Shepherds Turkish roots (Barber)
Karakachan guardian dogs: An ancient breed gains popularity (Kolb)
Keeping your guardian dogs healthy (Sparks)
• Memories of Christmas past (Keblinger)
• Showing goats teaches life’s lessons (Henry)

January 2010

• Special Kidding Section
- Minimizing kidding problems (Sparks)
- Feeding gestating & lactating does, part 1 of 2 (Pinkerton)
• America needs more goat meat (Hankins)
• $50,000 paid out during Lone Star Elite Jackpot (Henry)

February 2010

• American Goat Federation (Hankins)
• Foundation preserves heritage breeds
• Feeding gestating & lactating does, part 2 of 2 (Pinkerton)
• Pharmaceuticals for meat goats: Where are we and where are we going? (Sparks)

March 2010

• American Meat Goat Association shutting down operations (Hankins)
•  Goat industry update: Statistics & trends (Pinkerton/McMillin)
• USDA to revise animal ID system (Sparks)
• Recipe for 16% feed (Pinkerton

April 2010

• Meat goats bring record prices (Hankins)
• Turn old feed bins into goat houses (Lee)
• Green grass can cause digestive problems (Sparks)
• Commentary — Six keys to better Boer goats (Mitchell)

May 2010

•  Goat industry update: Part 2/continued from March 2010 (Pinkerton/McMillin)
• Showmanship — In it to win it! (Lee)
• Time to renew the great worm wars (Sparks)
• Annual Kiko Special Section: Goats offer quick return on investment (Hankins); Goat Hill Kikos: Sparks puts focus on meat goat traits (Parker); Cedar Creek Farm: Kikos on the move in the Northeast (Burke)

June 2010

• Boers: Making the right choices for your herd (Faris)
• Showmanship — Tips for the showring (Lee)
• Dealing with central nervous system disorders (Sparks)
• Finding Balance — Using a common sense approach to raising show goats (Schlundt)
• Summer parasite problems (Hart)
• Brief history of Savannas in America (Payne)

July 2010

• 2010 ABGA National Show (Hankins)
• Goat Herd Improvement Program update (Pinkerton)
• What items should be in your cabinet (Sparks)
• Goat Meat: America’s hottest commodity (Pinkerton)

August 2010

• 2010 International BGA National Show (Hankins)
• Doe reproductive efficiency is key to success (Sparks)
• You can’t judge a goat by its (furry) cover (Zweede-Tucker)
• Questions about sweet vernal hay & Laredo soybeans (Pinkerton)

September 2010

• Where did all the Angoras go? (Keblinger)
• Don’t be blindsided by pinkeye problems (Sparks)
• Coping with extreme worm problems (Hart)
• What’s a good breeding doe worth? (Pinkerton)

October 2010

• Changing demographics & goat meat demand (Pinkerton)
• Would AI benefit your goat herd? (Sparks)
• The ultimate working system (Pinkerton)

November 2010

• Confinement feeding kids and lambs (Pinkerton)
• Diarrhea can lead to dehydration & death (Sparks)
• A  four-year-old’s view of shearing (Keblinger

December 2010

• Annual Predators & Guardians special section: Integrated Predator Management is key to keeping livestock safe (Pugh); Understanding how dog vaccines work; The joy &  beauty of LGDs (Zweede-Tucker)
• New Savanna genetics arrive in America (Pinkerton)
•  Avoid Band-Aids when it comes to goat health (Sparks)

January 2011

• Annual kidding special section: Health issues to watch out for (Sparks); Laundry baskets & hot water bottles! (Johnson); Read ingredient label on milk replacer bag closely
• Understanding goat behavior  - 1st in series (Hart/Sparks)
• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)


February 2011

• Small ruminants make ideal livestock for small acreage landowners (Craddock/Machen)
• Goat meats — from producer to consumer (Pinkerton)
• Understanding goat behavior  - 2nd in series (Hart)
• Performance on Southeastern pasture (Browning/Leite-Browning)


March 2011

• Preserving original myotonic genetics (Fugatt)
• Safe, effective and responsible goat treatment (Sparks)
• It takes hardy mothers to kid in the brush (Peischel)
• Strong bond with offspring is a behavioral trait of a good doe (Hart)
• Meat goat population continues to decline (Pinkerton/McMillin)

April 2011

• Why goats are good browsers (Hart)
• Marketing: From farm to consumer (Pinkerton)
• Prepping your buck for performance test (Miller)
• Making the best of bottle babies (Sparks)

May 2011

• Annual Kiko Special Section
            Profile: Ron Polette - Goats save business man during economic slump (Hankins)
            Doe’s milk comes in handy (Johnson)
            National Kiko Registry provides service to growing Kiko industry (Hankins)
            The Kikos of Goat Unlimited (Peischel)
• Goat Rancher 15th anniversary (Hankins & Keblinger)
• There’s a reason goats are sociable (Hart)

June 2011

• How a girly-girl became a goat girl (Fister)
• Avoid stress & disease when on the road (Sparks)
• It’s OK if your goats are a hobby (Pinkerton)
• What Boer goats tell us (Homeyer)
• Lessons learned from the showring (Keblinger)
• 2011 Goat Industry Update: Part 2 (Pinkerton/McMillin)
• Understanding goat behavior: The goat in love (Hart)
• How are you going to combat parasites this year? (Hart)

July 2011

• 2011 ABGA National Show Coverage (Hankins)
• Plan now for kidding success next spring (Sparks)
• Missouri family successfully raises winter kids (Keblinger)
• Apple cider vinegar improves herd health (Polette)

August 2011

• 2011 International BGA National Show Coverage (Hankins)
• You can help goats handle the heat (Sparks)
• Dry spell grows into a drought (Keblinger)
• More buyers want performance data (Pinkerton)

September 2011

• Organization works to restore rare Arapawa goat herd
• All abscesses aren’t CL (Sparks)
• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

October 2011

• Labor Day Sales in West Texas (Hankins)
• It all began at Camp Verde (Keblinger)
• Check breeding soundness of your does & bucks (Sparks)
• Simple crockpot goat recipes
• Herding goats the Cow-Boy way (Noya)

December 2011

Annual Predator and Guard Dog Issue

• Old World solution for New Age Problem (Negri)

• Spiked collars give LGDs an edge (Negri)

• Keeping goats safe on the range (Noya)

Treatment for anemia (Sparks)

Motivated buyers pus Kiko prices to new highs at Cream of Crop Sale. (Hankins) 

January 2012

Annual Kidding Special Issue

• Pregnancy & Kidding: The Basics (Zweede-Tucker)

• Colosturm: Liquid Gold 

Diarrhea can be deadly for adults & kids (Sparks)

Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton) 

February 2012

• Fencing & Farm Facility Special Edition

- Exploring your fencing options (Krider)

- Goatherders make use of electric fencing (Noya)

 • Why do I need scrapie tags and how do I get them (Sparks)

• Will illness outbreaks mean end to livestock exhibitions ? (Editorial/Hankins) 


March 2012

• Featured section: Goat play key role for Homesteaders

- Working toward self-sufficiency (Edge)

- The accidental farmers (Hankins)

• 2012 Meat Goat Industry Update, Part 1 (Pinkerton/McMillan) 

• Mastitis in meat goat does can hurt kids' performance (Sparks)

• Talk about a surprise... Next time we'll get those little bucklings out of the pasture sooner! (Johnson) 

April 2012

• Featured section: Market Wethers

- There's more to a good wether than good breeding (Belcher)

- Building a program from the ground up (Cornelius)

- Coming full circle (Foster)

• Urinary Calculi — The bane of bucks (Sparks)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton) 

May 2012

• Feature Section: Kikos

• California dairy is doing lot of things right (Pinkerton)

• Understanding coccidiosis (Sparks) 

• Spring Boer goat sale reports

June 2012

• Special Herd Sire Edition featuring articles and advertising about bucks

- Proper healthcare for you buck should be a top priority (Sparks) 

- "What is the difference between a wether buck and a buck buck" (Foster)

- Herdsires that made an impact  (T4 Scorpio/Whitehead & Kaptein/Keblinger) 

• 2012 Meat Goat Industry Update: Part II (Pinkerton/McMillan)

• The Amazing Boer Goat. A retrospective look (Homeyer) 

• Boer goat showmanship helpful tips (Messer) 

July 2012

• ABGA National Show Report & Photos (Hankins)

• Cuisine Special - Ethinic population fuels demand for goat meat

• Is the new CL vaccine the silver bullet we have waited for? (Sparks)

• Frankly Speaking - Alfalfa works best with goats when limit-fed (Pinkerton)

• Kiko Corner: Sale Reports - Ozark Empire Spotlight Sale, SEKGA Kiko Roundup, AKGA Showcase Sale. 

August 2012

• We're not ruining your goat, Don Smith tell South Africans (Hankins)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

- Rancher concerned about using buck that was born as a single 

- Measuring doe reproductive efficiency

- Safety of fescue as a forage

• Is your operation ready for assisted reproduction (Sparks)

• International BGA National Show coverage (Hankins)

• Youth Spotlight: Noah Teel (Stoneman) 


September 2012

• Special Youth Features

- FFA Project grows into booming Boer business (May-Proctor)

- With a start in 4-H, Sarah Brend now wants to pursue a career in animal agriculture (Stoneman)

• Forage shortage may present additional nutritional problems (Sparks)

• Frankly Speaking: In real world terms, how much can you afford to pay for a buck? (Pinkerton) 

October 2012

• Tapeworms can cause problems in your goat herd (Sparks)

• Commentary: Search for goats to buy turns up shortcomings in most ranch websites

• Frankly Speaking: Drought spurs hunt for new feedstuffs (Pinkerton)

November 2012

• Buck performance tests can tell you a lot about your breeding program, plus roundup of 2012 tests

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

• Goat enjoy our leftovers (Zweede-Tucker)

•Book Review: "Raising Meat Goats in a Commercial Operation" by Greg Christiansen (Hart) 

December 2012

• Annual Predator & Guard Dog issue

- Guarding goats on the open range (Noya)

- Guardian instinct comes naturally (Zweede-Tucker)

- Neighborhood dogs are deadliest predators (Hankins) 

• Cuisine

- Cooking a holiday goat (Hankins)

- Cold weather is time for spicey Texas chili (Stemme)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton) 

January 2013

• Annual Kidding Special Issue

- Buck, ranchers & dams work together for successful kidding  season (Zweede-Tucker)

- There's rarely a dull moment during kidding season (Noya) 

- Good records start at birth (Sparks) 

 • Buck Performance Tests: While other tests shut down, Maryland expands its program (Schoenian)

• Frankly Speakly: Cottonseed has long history of providing good nutrition (Pinkerton)


February 2013

• Equipment and Facilities Special

- Homemade alleyway simplifies goat working (Christiansen)

- New rancher wonders who is training whom (Bones)

• Frankly Speaking - Soybean hulls can be a useful feed ingredient (Pinkerton) 

• Growing a ranch in a sustainable manner (Renick) 

March 2013

* Why does my Kiko goat look like a Spanish goat? (Hankins)

• 2013 Meat Goat Industry Update, Part 1 (Pinkerton/McMillin)

• When there are no jobs, create your own (Stoneman)

• Unsanitary conditions can contribute to mastitis infections (Sparks) 

April 2013

• Market Wethers: Special Report

- Tips for buying, fitting & showing wethers: An interview with Alexis Briley (Stoneman)

- Spotlight: Casey Simpson, Ky.

• Some advice for making the best of bottle babies (Sparks)

• Cuisine: Bacon-wrapped goat tenderloin (Stemme) 

May 2013

• Kiko Goats: Special Section

• Worms love this warm spring weather (Hart)

• Advantages of assisted reproductive technologies (Smith)

• Urinary calculi: Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure (Sparks) 

June 2013

• 2nd annual Sire Edition

- Speical Advertising Section

- Teasers aid reproductive efficiency (Sparks)  

- After winning the Nationals, then what? (May-Proctor)

- Managing bucks for the show ring/Interview (Stoneman) 

• Boer Goat Ancestors (Homeyer)

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2013, Part II (Pinkerton/McMillan) 

July 2013

• ABGA National Show: photos & top winners

• Cuisine - Special section

-Goat can be used instead of beef in many recipes

-Feeding a crowd (Stemme)

-Suggestions for processing and storing goat meat (Sparks) 

• Frankly Speaking: Weight, more than age, should determine when to breed doelings (Pinkerton)

August 2013

• Meningeal worm - Not your normal parasite (Sparks)

• Quest for preparedness included making soap (Robinson)

• Illinois couple educates suburbanites on the health benefits of goat meat (Hankins)

• Abigail, the Darling of Scatchet Head (Uhlig)

• Cowboy Classic sells its final goat (Stoneman)

• Makin Do: Build a homemade milker for around $50 (Hainley) 

September 2013

• Creating relationship between buyer & seller is one step to successful marketing (Hankins)

• Johne's Disease is hard to detect, difficult to confirm (Sparks)

• San Clemente Island Goats (Murray)

• Dilley dispersal boost Main Event Sales (Stoneman) 

October 2013

• Fall Production Sale roundup

• On-farm performance update (Pinkerton)

• Goats need quality forage (Sparks)

• South Mississippi rancher works to extend grazing season (Hesterman) 

• Cusine: While in China... why not take a cooking class — Three Color Chevon Stir-Fry (Stemme) 


November 2013

• Kid performance data needed to make sound business decisions (Pinkerton)

• Focus on preventing disease and not so much on medicating goats (Sparks)

• Here's how to keep chevon meatloaf moist (Stemme)

• Goats have connection with special needs (Carr) 

December 2013

• Annual Pedator & Guardian Issue

- Using guardian dogs on the range (Noya)

- On guard! (Hesterman) 

- The benefits of using sibling guardian dogs (Negri) 

• Is rabies a concern in goats? (Sparks) 

• Tourist now gather where thousands of cattle once sold - A look back at the San Antonio Stockyards (Keblinger) 

January 2014

Annual Kidding Special Issue

• Kids learn from mommas how to thrive on the range (Noya) 

• Contagious ecthyma: The face only a mother could love (Sparks) 

• Imprinting: A secret to successful marketing (Rieder)

Frankly Speaking: The Meat Goat Industry: Myths and reality (Pinkerton) 

February 2014

• Fencing & Maintenance Special Feature

- When building a fence, do it right the first time (Hankins)

- You can't over-build fence when trying to keep goats in (Keblinger)

- Good working system reduces stress on both man and beast (Sparks)

- Protect fence from lightning damage (courtesy of Kencove Fence) 

• Breeding Meat Goats: Function over form, or not? Part 1 (Pinkerton) 

• Can new cottonseed pellets be substituted for whole cottonseed? (Pinkerton) 


March 2014

• Homesteading Special Section

- My quest for independence and sustainability (Rieder) 

-  Nubian goat herd provides meat, milk and extra income (Pierson)

- 5 Acres and a dream - Working toward self-substaining goatkeeping (Tate) 

• Helpful books for beginning goat producers or homesteader (Sparks) 

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2014 - Part 1 (Pinkerton/McMillan)

• Breeding Meat Goats: Function over form - or not? Part II (Pinkerton)

• On a mission to save the Arapawa (Paul) 



April 2014

• South Africa's rugged Boer meat goat alive and well in West Texas (Keblinger)

• Breeding Meat Goats: Function Over Form, Or Not, Parts III & IV (Pinkerton/Payne) 

• Goats provide important life lesson for Alabama youngster (Weatherford)

• Abortions can bring devastating emotional and economic impact (Sparks) 

May 2014

• Kiko Goat Special Feature

- Stories & submissions from Kiko Producers 

• Showstopper Done! Report (Hankins)

• How will you manage worms this year? (Hart) 

• JABGA Report (Dusek) 

June 2014

• Special Herdsire Issue 

• Fodder for Thought: Yesterday's headlines work just fine today (Hankins)

• Good records help ranchers make good management decisions (Johnson)

• Researcher encourages Goat Herd Improvement through on-farm testing (Andries)

• Accelerated Breeding Program: Here’s how you can make it work and make money (Pinkerton/Amsberry)

• Don't forget the bucks when making herd health checks (Sparks)

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2014, Part II (Pinkerton/McMillin) 


July 2014

• 2014 ABGA National Show Report (Hankins)

• JABGA National Show & Report (Dusek) 

• Foot problems are no fun for man or beast (Sparks)

• Raising Boer goats in West Virginia (McClung)

• Cuisine - The secret to perfectly smoked goat meat (Fleming)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

August 2014

• Fodder for Thought: DNA-testing can bring peace of mind (Hankins)

• How to use dewormers properly (Hart)

• Anemia can still kill your goat even after worms are gone (Sparks)

• Goat 'hobby' has turned into family business (Holland)

• Cuisine: My souvenir from Hawaii: a Portugese goat meat recipe! (Stemme) 

September 2014


• Mixed Specie grazing for small-scale enterprises Part 1 (Preface/Pinkerton; Article/Phifer)

• Study looks at carcass types headed to market

• Does cottonseed hurt doe fertility? (Pinkerton)

• From soldier to goat rancher... (Johnson)

• Sale reports (Main Event/Next Generation/Elite Coalition/Smith) 

October 2014

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

- No summer slump this year in slaughter goat prices 

- What determins birthweight?

• Multi-species grazing: Making it work for you, 2nd of 2 parts (Phifer)

• Fall Sale Reports (Color Connection, Platinum Alliance, Labor Day Classic, Crossroads, Kentucky Performance Invitational, Oklahoma Hills Kiko Invitational) 

November 2014

• Diarrhea in goats can become deadly (Sparks)

• Cuisine: Inspiration from the Old Southwest (Stemme)  

• What you can learn from the eating behavior of goats (Noya)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

• Sales Reports: Sale of Stars, Appalachian Kiko, KikoFest, Tri-State Boer Genetics, Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale.

December 2014

• Livestock Guardian Special Issue

- Llamas ideal for those who don't want dogs (Nulf)

- Fluffy to the rescue (Brabyn)

- Akbash: A hardworking breed (Reece)

- Motherhood and guarding goats sometimes can be conflicting jobs (Sparks) 

• Late baby gets special attention (Keblinger) 

• Crossbreeding goats: Why and how? (Pape)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton) 

January 2015

• Annual Kidding Special Issue

- Create newborn nutrition plan in advance

- Tough decisions sometimes necessary in tough terrain (Noya) 

- Bottle babies make great ambassadors (Zweede-Tucker) 

• Find a veterinarian you can work with (Sparks)

• Australians develop vaccine to combat stomach worms in Sheep (Pinkerton) 

February 2015

• Fencing Special (Rieder)

• Johne's Disease draws concern as producer awareness grows (Sparks)

• ABGA president ponders future with an eye on performance testing (Pinkerton) 

• Idaho family gets into Savannas in a big way (Beckstead)

 • Fodder for thought: Performance data - how reliable is it and how do you use it? (Hankins)

March 2015

• Meat Goat 2015 Industry Update (Pinkerton/McMillin)

• What should be in your goat supply cabinet? (Sparks)

• Homesteading

- Starting at zero! (Linahon)

- Small Goats for small acres (Mann) 

• Photo essay: Goat raising easier with the right barn (Rieder)


April 2015

• Frankly Speaking: Meat goats on Western range face many challenges (Pinkerton)

• Data gives goat producers a look at whole package (NSIP)

• Multi-species grazing can improve health of animals and pasture (Sparks)

• Cuisine: Five-Hour Goat recipe (Stemme)

May 2015

• Kiko Goats Special Issue

- Building their dream farm (Payne)

- Goat were the last things on their mind! (Minton)

- Twenty years and counting: The Goats Unlimited herd (Peischel)

- Making a better Kiko: Kiko pioneer develops Kikonui(TM) breed in New Zealand (Pinkerton)

• Spring Sale Reports 

• What the heck is CDT and why do we vaccinate for it? (Sparks)

• Can you make money with goats? Maybe! (Sparks) 

June 2015

Annual Herdsire Issue

- Wether Style bucks have traits that make them unique (Scherer)

- Plan now if you want to use artificial insemination this fall (Sparks)

- Preparing your buck for semen collection (Carwell)

- Now that you have that expensive buck — what do you do? (Homeyer)

- What to look for when selecting your new herdsire (Browning/Browning) 

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2015, Part II (Pinkerton/McMillin) 

• Where are the U.S. and Canadian meat goat industries? (Pinkerton/McMillin)  

• Boers always love their mothers (Keblinger) 

• Color is nice by not necessary (Johnson)

• Sales Reports: A Bar Dispersal, Winning Tradition, Premiere Alliance, Tri-State Genetics 

July 2015

• 2015 ABGA National Show (Hankins)

• As summer heats up, so do water toxicity problems (Sparks)

• Correlations between a goat's hair & skin color and their productivity, carcass merit and profitability (Pinkerton/McMillan/Payne) 

• Sales Reports: Wild & Wonderful Boer Goat Sale, True Colors Sale, NKR Spotlight Kiko Sale, SEKGA Roundup Sale.

• Try adapting your favorite recipes to use goat meat (Stemme)

• Keeping wethers healthy in hot weather (Scherer) 


August 2015

• Deciphering terms like 'cwt' and 'Selection1': A closer look at how to read Market reports (Hankins)

•Wethers are an important aspect of meat goat goat industry (Scherer)

• Sore mouth is difficult to avoid (Sparks)

• School vists spur students' interest in farm animals (Johnson)

• Proposed study would look at motherability of Boer nannies (Pinkerton)




September 2015

• West Texas Goat Sale ~ A trip to the Mills Co. Commission Co. in Goldthwaite, Texas (Hankins)

• Are you and your bucks ready for breeding season (Sparks)

• Buck's economic impact on herd (Andries)

• Semi-confinement meat goat production — feasible or not? (Pinkerton)

• Wether Report: Record keeping helps youth develop budgeting and organizational skills (Scherer)

• Sales Reports: Best of Both Worlds (Hankins); Main Event; Next Generation 

October 2015

• Sales Reports

- Labor Day Weekend/San Angelo, TX (Hankins)

- Labor Day Classic

- Heartland Classic

- Oklahoma Hills Invitational Kiko Sale

- Bluegrass Performance Invitational 

• Reproduction efficiency key to goat ranching success (Sparks)

• Success in the show ring requires preparation at home (Scherer-Carlson)

• Update: Joshua arrives safely from China (Cover) 

November 2015

•  Diversity in meat goat breeds means there's something for everyone's management style (Hankins)

- Savannas: Hardy Import adds muscle to meat herds (Luton); Big leap into Savannas paying off (Beckstead); Savannas are part of retirement plan (Brooks)

- Pygmy Goats: Little goats are big fun! (Webb)

- Myotonics to improve Australian feral goats (Cotten)

- Spanish goats have stood the test of time in our meat operation (Zweede-Tucker) 

• Making strides in goat reproduction (Hardin)

• Kiko bucks need a little more TLC at collection time (Carwell) 

• It's important for judges to handle wethers to determine true muscle (Scherer-Carlson)

• Practicing safe, effective and responsible goat treatment (Sparks) 

• Some things to do - and not to do- to sell your goats (Keblinger) 

• Sales Report: Tri-States Genetics

• Sales Report: Cream of Crop Kiko sale

• Sales Report: IKGA KikoFest 

• Sales Report: Appalachian Kikos 



December 2015

 SOLD OUT — Not available for purchase

• Annual Predator & Guardian Special Issue

- Guardian dogs don't follow the pack (Noya)

- Keeping your working dogs working (Sparks) 

- That could be coywolf hybrids killing your goats 

• Managing wethers in winter conditions (Scherer-Carlson) 

• Here's how the Hayres manage Texas' largest meat goat operation (Pinkerton) 

January 2016

• Annual Special Kidding Issue

- Tips to make kidding season a little easier (Falcon Soeder)

- Two days of snow can cause a problem (Noya)

- Cleanliness can go a long way in solving neonatal problems  (Sparks)

- Kidding season can be a humbling experience (Keblinger)

- Chart helps exhibitor know when to kid for major market goat show (Scherer-Carlson)

• On-farm stats five snapshot of herd reproductive efficiency (Pinkerton)

• Ga. producer builds buck collection facility (Carwell) 



February 2016

• Frankly Speaking: USDA now provides monthly grass-fed sheep & goat report. U.S. consumers prefer fresh goat meat (Pinkerton)

• Fencing & Facilities: Is it time to re-evaluate your crazy-quilt fencing? (Soeder)

• Preparation important for major shows (Scherer-Carlson)

• Visiting the birthplace of Kiko goats (Stemme) 

• We must use antibiotics wisely today to avoid more restrictions in the future (Sparks) 

March 2016

 • Feature: Homesteading

- Sometimes we just don't appreciate benefits of growing up on a homestead (Hankins)

- What do you call what you do? (Soeder)

- Goats 101 - and beyond: Never stop learning? (Soeder)

 - Moving a farm (Linahon)

• Using contract grazing to improve the land (Noya)

• Diet of high concentrates can cause urinary tract problems for male goats (Sparks)

• Wether Report: Texas' Aspen Martin three-peats at Denver's National Western Stock Show

• Bump gates: You bump them - sometimes they bump you (Keblinger)

• Why your farm should be certified (Phifer)

• Meat Goat industry Update 2016 (Pinkerton/McMillan) 


April 2016

• Fodder for thought — Low-maintenance is not the same as no-maintenance (Hankins)

• Frankly Speaking (Pinkerton)

• The thrifty goat — who do you cull? (Soeder)

• Survey highlights challenges for meat goat industry (Pinkerton/McMillan/Gilespie) 

• Cuisine — Let's put a Cajun spin on the goat meat recipe (Stemme)

• Meat goat queen goes to Harvard (Haines)

• Tips for selecting the show wether that's right for you (Scherer-Carlson) 

May 2016

20th Anniversary issue 

- After humble beginning, magazine hits 20-year mark (Hankins)

- Unique partnership emerges to keep Goat Rancher running (McDonald)

-New magazine helped Texas goat ranchers at a crucial time (Keblinger) 

• Happy trails... Dr. Dave Sparks signs off (Sparks)

• Health goat herd depends on healthy teats (Soeder)

• Purchasing replacements for your comercial herd (Pinkerton)

• Make sure your new show wether has a safe and healthy welcome (Scherer-Carlson)

• Sales Reports: The Other Sale, Main Event, Splash of Color, Elite 50 & Smith Glenn Dispersal 

Kiko Goats Special Issue

- The value of performance testing and record-keeping (Murphy)

- Record-keeping provides a pathway to herd improvements (Peischel)

- NKR offers cas awards for top tested bucks 

- Boer Breeders like maternal instincts of Kikos mommas (Lee)

- A rancher can do a lot in a year! (Payne) 

• New options for animal ID system (Rieder) 

June 2016

• Annual Herdsire Special Issue — Incuding information and advertising celebrating Boer, Kiko, Savanna & Myontic bucks

- Semen in the tank: Your best insurance (Carwell)

- Many factors go into selecting the right sire for your herd (Brown)

- Promote your buck if you're serious about the goat business (Newby)

- Wether Report: Points to consider when prepping wether sire for breeding season (Scherer-Carlson) 

- Amassing a 'buck arsenal' (Payne) 

• Fodder for Thought: ABGA National Show has been my summer tradition for 20 years (Hankins)

• The CODI/PCI Savannas (Ballif)

• Boer Goats to Market Goats — the U.S. industry from here to there (Homeyer) 

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2016, Part II: Imports drop for the first time in a decade (Pinkerton/McMillin)

• Data shows Boer influence can improve carcass grade (Pinkerton) 

July 2016

• 2016 ABGA National Show report & photos (Hankins)

• Understanding footrot & foot scald (Brown) 

- Simple hoof-trimming goes awry (Renick)

• Frankly Speaking: Hobby goat games: Raising kids and children altogether (Pinkerton) 

• Prepping wethers for jackpot season (Scherer-Carlson) 

• Sales Reports: True Colors, D&J Goat Farm Spring Fever, Color Connection, Wild & Wonderful Sale, National Kiko Registry's Spotlight Kiko Sale, SEKGA Roundup Kiko Sale 

August 2016

• Knowing your enemy is important when dealing with intestinal parasistes / Part 1 (Brown)

• Are you a holistic herbalist and didn't know it? (Soeder)

• South Dakota goat producer reports on doe herd efficiency (Pinkerton)

• Goat breeding: Business vs Hobby (R. B. Dicks, CPA)

• County and state fairs offer exhibitors opportunity to educate public about goats (Scherer-Carlson) 

September 2016

• It wasn't easy, but goats make it to Hawaii (Cantine)

• Strategic control measures for Haemonchus contortus (barberpole worm) (Brown)

• LSU study will look at value-added prospects for goat meat (Pinkerton)

• Recognizing when your wether isn't feeling well (Scherer-Carlson)

• Border Collies — They do a lot more than just herd goats (Rackley)

• Goat industry lost a mentor — many of us lost a friend (McDonald)/Dr. Dave Sparks was a promoter as well as an educator (Hankins) 

October 2016

* Fodder for Thought — This year I conducted by own unscientific performance test (Hankins)

• Goat meat market may be trending toward a larger carcass  (Pinkerton)

• Find the dewormer that works on your farm (Brown) 

• Protect your family, farm & reputation (Soeder)

• Cancer drugs could be produced from goat milk

• Wether Report: Watch for these troublesome aliments (Scherer-Carlson) 

November 2016

Special Feature —  A look at "The Other" Meat goat breeds

— Fodder for Thought: Meat goat producers make good use of "other" breeds (Hankins)

— Myotonics: Meat-to-bone ratio hard to beat (Soeder) 

— Savannas: Commercial breeders like hardiness and muscle definition (Brooks)

— Nigerian Dwarf: Children can safely help with the goats (Jones)

— Kinder goats: Compact goat is ideal for homesteaders (Beck) 

• Menigeal worm problems erupt when white-tailed deer are present (Brown)

• Frankly Speaking: Use caution when moving goats from one region to another (Pinkerton) 

• Sales Reports:

— Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale 

— Appalachian Kiko Invitational 

— Tri-State Boer Genetics Fall Sale

Buck Performance Tests

• Maryland buck test take hiatus; Kentucky State planning test in 2017

• Maryland & Oklahoma 2016 test results 

December 2016

• Livetcok Guardian Special Issue 

- Myths & misinformation about working LGDs

- Keeping goats out of the dog feed

- Peace in the pastures... (Zweede-Tucker)

• Managing the breeding doe now will help insure healthy kids in the spring (Brown)

• Wether Report: Reproductive technology used by wether breeders to improve quality & consistency

• Kiko Corner: Goat ranching has its many joys to help offset the bad days (Payne)

• Cuisine: Make goat meat part of your holiday plans, with recipe for Taco soup. 

January 2017

• Annual Kidding Special Issue

- It's important to keep kids dry in cold weather (Soeder) 

- Wether Report: Does need your care and attention pre-kidding as well as post kidding  (Scherer-Carlson)

- Kidding season is when you can really get hooked on goats (Payne) 

• New rules take effect January 1 for some drug additivesin feed (Brown) 

• Factors affecting meat goat prices in San Angelo, Texas (Pinkerton) 

February 2017

• On-farm production records are key to herd improvement (Brown)

• Tips for shining at showmanship (Scherer-Carlson)

• Wet mash, soaked grains & sprouts (Soeder)

• Every branding iron has a family story to tell (Keblinger)

• Sometimes it takes ingenuity as well as wire to build a goat fence (Payne)

• No winter kidding in this climate (Noya)


March 2017

Homesteading Special Section 

- Homesteading: Giving a rundown farm new life (Linahan)

- The Homestead: How to get started (Soeder) 

• Abortion in goats: An overview (Brown) 

• Cathie says it's time to hang up her ink pen — but not her saddle (Keblinger)

• Wether Report: Setting your goals can set you up for success (Scherer-Carlson)

• Meat Goat Industry Update 2017 (Pinkerton/McMillin) 

April 2017

• Vaccinations for meat goat herds — what, when and why (Brown)

• Goats + cows equals a winning strategy (Noya)

• Protect your investment with fences and dogs (Soeder)

• More ranchers selling their products straight to consumer (Pinkerton)

• Hay feeder seems expensive until you start losing high-dollar goats (Payne)

• Mixing and matching for a better meat goat never gets boring (Loos)

• Today's Savanna goat in America (Part 1 of 3) (Brooks)

• Goat Producers canlearnm from declining sheep industry (Part 1 of 2) (Pinkerton)

• Preparing for the auction block (Scherer-Carlson)

May 2017

• Annual Kiko Goat Special Issue

- Fodder For Thought: My Kiko Adventure had its start 20 years ago (Hankins)

- Successful kid crop is no accident (Simms)

- Genetics, nutrition & management all play a role in sucessful Kiko operation — A conversation with Chris Patrick, Ragn' Rivers Kiko Farm (Payne) 

- Bucks had their own plans last fall (Johnson) 

• Coccidiosis can be deadly threat to young kids (Brown)

• Facebook attempts to ban sale of animals (Soeder)

• Part 2 of 2: Learning from the declining sheep industy (Pinkerton)

• Home away from home: Warm weather means it's time to move out with the goats (Noya)

• Sales Reports: Georgia Peach. Spring Cowboy Classic. The Other Sale. Splash of Color.

• Passion and drive can make you a winner in the showring and in life (Scherer-Carlson)

• Today's Savanna goat in America Part II (Brooks) 


July 2017

• Fodder for Thought: Goat breeders' preferences don't always follow herdbook's rules (Hankins)

• Caprine arthritis encephalitis can hide in your herd for years (Brown)

• Your pasture needs parasites susceptible to dewormers (Pinkerton)

• Use a teaser buck to improve your next kid crop (Stemme)

• 2017 ABGA National Show: Commentary & Photos (Hankins)

• Kiko Sales Reports: NKR Spotlight Sale and SEKGA Roundup Sale

August 2017

• Fodder for Thought: Researchers making strides in reproductive technologies (Hankins)

• Is you doe herd cost-effective (Soeder)

• Understanding the different classifications of dewormers (Brown)

• Sometimes it's hard to find that silver lining (Payne)

• NEW! Showring Spotlight: With family's help, Okla. youth works to become a winner (Finch) 

• Mommas need special skills on the range (Noya) 

• Cuisine: Slow Cooker Goat (Stemme) 

September 2017

• Fodder For Thought: Creative right-hand man makes life easier — even after he is gone (Hankins)

• Not all knots are caseous lymphadenitis so have your goats tested for the disease (Brown)

• Frankly Speaking: There's money to be made with new demand for heavy wethers (Pinkerton)

• Fundamentals of goat nutrition, Part 1 of 3 (Pinkerton)

• Showring Spotlight: Despite tragedies, this family never gave up (Basford) 

October 2017

• Special feature: Hurricane Harvey strikes meat goat community

- Texans rally to help in Harvey's wake (Edwards) 

- USDA makes allowances for hurricane victims 

- How not to survive a hurrican (Koloseik) 

• Pumpkins a good winter supplement (Soeder)

• Doe reproductive efficiency is key to successful herd management (Brown)

• Understanding a goats' nutritional requirements for winter feed. Second of three parts. (Pinkerton)  

• Showring Spotlight

- Junior showman now building her own herd (Holtgraver)

- I'm 14. I think I can handle it! (Steinke) 

November 2017

* All Breeds Special Issue

- Raising crossbreds can be a profitable venture for beginners (Hankins)

- Shop carefully regardless of your breed of choice (Soeder) 

- Spainish goats another link in meat production (Payne) 

- Spanish goats have proven their productivity and longevity here (Zweede-Tucker) 

- Savannas: ITF Development of a Savanna goat farm (Edwards)  

- Myotonic goats: Registry's goal is to preserve the breed (Lawrence/Soeder) 

• Johne's could be hiding in your herd (Brown)

• Late gestation does and early-lactating does must have sufficient nutrition (Third of three parts) (Pinkerton) 

December 2017

• Annual Guardian & Predator Special Issue

- LGD pups need supervision (Soeder)

- Strategies for controlling predators 

- Guardians work as a team to protect herd (Thornton)

- Don't skimp on the guard dogs wihen it comes to protecting your herd (Payne) 

• Colostrum and its importance to kids (Brown)

• Plastic scrapie tags no longer free 

• Sales Reports: Cowboy Classic Customer Appreciation, Texas Tradtions Sale, Winners Circle, Splash of Color

• It's all about logistics — there's a way to get those goats delivered (Renick)

• Family flees Wine Country fires (Henry)

• Texas A&M researcher studies trends at San Anglelo Sale (Pinkerton & Redden) 

January 2018

• Annual Kidding Special Issue

- Colostrum critical for newborn kids (Nix)

- Prevention and treatment of pregnancy toxemia (Hart)

- New repo technologies available (Carwell) 

• Mineral nutrition important in early pregnancy (Nix)

• Boer pioneer Don Smith dead at 87

• Showring Spotlight: Hummel Livestock produces a legacy of championships 

February 2018

• Pa. rancher builds first-class housing and pasture system (Hankins/Klinger)

• Will winter cold kill worms? (Hart)

• Making management-intensive meat goat production a reality (Pinkerton) 

• Cuisine: Persian Split Pea and Rice with Goat Meatballs (Stemme) 

March 2018

* 2018 Meat Goat Industry Update: Meat goat numbers stabilize (Pinkerton/McMillan)

• Canadians getting new Australian dewormer; not available in U.S. (Hart)

• Showring Spotlight: Jessica Simpson, Simpson Show Goats

• Right spices make the difference in this tasty goat and rice dish (Stemme) 

• Goat ranching is good way to teach values and work ethic to your children (Payne) 

April 2018

* Junior ABGA — It's not all about showing in the ring (Hankins)

• Goat meat demand may prompt closer look at confinement feeding (Pinkerton)

• Scratching can be a sign of lice or mites (Johnson)

• Cuisine: When things get busy on the farm, here's a quick and easy recipe (Stemme)

• Showring Spotlight: Passion for goats started at an early age for Florida teen (Raulerson) 


May 2018

• Kiko Special Issue

- Goldmine II made a lasting impact at Egypt Creek Ranch (Hankins)

- It takes the right management and the right goats when you have a high stocking rate (Payne)  

- Hemi brought toughness to the M.R. Goat herd (Renick) 

• Sales Reports: The Other Sale; Cowboy Classic; Georgia Peach;Best of the West; Buckles and Banners and Elite Genetics Kiko Sale.

• IVF research leads to kids and lambs on the ground (Carwell)

• Vaccinate for enterotoxemia   (Van Metre)

• Goat Meat Appetizers (Stemme)

• Big plan under way for meat goat confinement operations (Pinkerton) 

June 2018

Herdsire Special issue

• Spanish: America's oldest meat goat breed (Askew)

• Don't underestimate how important a good buck is to your herd (Payne) 

• Showring Spotlight: Children, grandchildren inherit love of goats and showring (Boyd) 

• Goat meat imports increase as U.S. production remains level (Pinkerton/McMillin)

• Breakthrough in parasite control: Fungus works by attacking larvae in pasture (Hart)

• Cuisine: Simple tips to keep you goat dishes moist and delicious (Stemme) 

• Weaning: Try to avoid separation anxiety in kids (Hart) 

July 2018

• ABGA National Show Coverage (Hankins)

• Frankly Speaking: Can producers make a profit in this age of high-priced replacement does? (Pinkerton)

• How are you going to stop those worms from killing your goats this summer? (Hart) 

August 2018

• Frankly Speaking: Australian goat meat exports up as demand grows in United States (Pinkerton)

• Even Kikos deserve a break in this excessive summer heat (Payne)

• Breeders working to preserve and utilize Spanish meat goats (Askew)

• Cuisine: A day in Casablanca packed with more than we imagined (Stemme) 

• A geneticist's thoughts on Kiko goats (Sponenberg) 

October 2018

• It takes time to find the right ratio of goats to acres of land (Hankins)

• Getting the most from low-quality forage (Courtesy of BioZyme)

• ...and the goats should be carrying most of the workload (Grzeskiewicz)

• LSU professor leans more details about the Australian goat industry (McMilian)

• Showring Spotlight: Bree Coxbill - My best advise: Set Goals!

Sales Reports:

- Color Connection Labor Day Sale

- Labor Day Classic

- Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale

November 2018

• Other Breeds Special Edition

- Mixing it up with Savannas and Kikos (Payne) 

- Spanish goats and the conservationists (Askew) 

- Sharing a common interest at first Spanish Goat Gathering (Askew) 

• Sales Reports: Born to Perform; Grand Drive Sale; Midwest Madness Sale; Music City Boer Bonanza: Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale

• Frankly Speaking: Feedlot management and marketing of slaughter goats post-weaning, Part 1 (Pinkerton) 

• Even football rivals find common ground at snack time (Goat skewers with herb sauce recipe) (Stemme) 

• Showring Spotlight: Having supportive parents helped Minnesota teen achieve her goals (Nelson) 

December 2018

* Annual Guardian & Predator Special Issue

- Predator control is essential (Ziemer)

- Guardian sticks with wayward herd (Short)

- What? Using coyotes to protect livestock?

- Guardian dogs on high alert - even if they look asleep (Zweede-Tucker) 

• Feedlot management and marketing of slaughter goats post-weaning, Part 2 (Pinkerton) 

• Cuisine: Nourishing soups and stews can be made ahead of time (Stemme) 

• Sale Reports: Winners Circle; Cowboy Classic Customer Appreciation; Heart of Dixie; Splash of Color; Texas Traditions; D and J; Fall in Colors; SEKGA Fall Roundup Kiko Sale.