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No, not the spicy sausage! It’s even better. Every e-mail and website address anywhere in the online Goat Rancher is a HOT LINK — which means all you have to do is click on the address to instantly send an e-mail or visit a website. How handy is that?!?

To access the online Goat Rancher magazine, click on the current month’s cover on the home page of this website.

There is a toolbar to help you navigate the online magazine. You can begin flipping through the magazine using the left and right arrows on the toolbar or you can click on the contents link to see the index of articles.

There’s also an index of advertisers. Click on the index listing and go straight to the ad — no need to flip through the pages searching.

By clicking on the THUMBS link, you can see thumbnail views of all the pages. You can then click on the page you want to read.

You can go to the magazine’s Index page and click on any page number to go directly to the article.

If you find an article that you want to keep for your files, just click on the headline for a printable version.

Click on the ARCHIVES link to view magazines from October 2011 forward. That’s the month we went from a tabloid to our current slick format. Older back issues can be ordered from the Goat Rancher Store > CLICK HERE

Other helpful Tools allow you to print a page, download the entire magazine in PDF format for later off-line reading, make notes on a magazine page or tag articles as Favorites for easier access later.

ADVERTISERS NOTE: If you have a full-page ad in Goat Rancher, you can click on your page, hit print and make as many fliers as you need!

The SEARCH function looks through all the digital issues of Goat Rancher. If you’re having trouble with coccidia, search for the disease and get every article on the subject. Are you a Frank Pinkerton fan? Do a search and access all his articles at once!

Easy reading on your iPad! All these easy-to-use functions are available on your iPad — the perfect way to enjoy your Goat Rancher while on the go or relaxing in your recliner.